How to Help an Anxious Dog Nail a Date

We know that the bond between you and your dog is a special thing, no matter if you met your companion as a puppy or as an adult. The connection that can be formed with a rescue dog can be a lasting, valued friendship. Unfortunately, some rescue dogs can suffer from behavioral problems like anxiety or over-vocalization. However, even if your pup does struggle with some behavioral issues, that doesn’t mean you should sit out Seattle’s great dating scene. Just follow these tips to help soothe your pup so they can help you nail your next date. Be forewarned though, while these tips can help keep your pup mellow as you explore what Wowzer has to offer, advice on the internet is no substitute for a conversation with your dog’s vet.

Walk Your Pup Every Day

When it comes to anxious pups on dates, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Most dog owners are aware of the importance of socializing a dog when they are puppies to ensure they are confident around a variety of different environments. If your pooch is a full-grown adult and was not properly socialized as a pup, don’t worry; you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks. Walking your pup every day on a route where you are likely to meet other dogs is a great way to get your companion up to speed. Start off slow, walking short circuits at low traffic hours, and gradually work up until your dog is a social butterfly. That way, you’ll both be charming and friendly with your next Wowzer match.

Treats Galore

While it’s good practice to keep some dog treats on hand at all times, be sure to stock up before you head out on a dog date with your nervous pup. Treating your pup early and often will help them relax and feel safe in a new environment. If mobility is not an issue, like if you are sitting down for a beer with a cute Wowzer match, then giving your dog a treat that requires some gnawing will keep your dog distracted and happy while you get to know your date. Planning ahead with a handful of your pup’s favorite treats can ensure smooth sailing for your romantic dalliance.

Anti-Anxiety Products

If your dog is really struggling with meeting new people and animals, then try looking into purchasing an anti-anxiety collar, instead of pronouncing your love life dead. Calming collars release relaxing pheromones so your pup will be positively zen, even if the night drags on. We recommend the Relaxivet brand, for quality and affordability.  Another great option can be a relaxing vest for your pup, like the venerable Thundershirt. These vests aren’t just for storms or fireworks; an anxiety jacket can be a great comfort to your pet, especially if you plan on going somewhere rambunctious.

Be Cool

Your best asset when helping your dog with their anxiety is keeping your own under control. Pups can sense our emotions extremely well, so if you are nervous and stressed out, your dog will have a harder time relaxing. It can be hard to be chill, especially when you’re excited for a date, but try to keep your nerves hidden. Luckily, you have assets that your dog doesn’t when it comes to getting anxiety under control, like a little liquid courage or mirror pep-talk. So, in the words of 80s prophet Frankie, “Relax.” You’re beautiful.

There you have it, some excellent tips to keep your nervous dog calm as you get out there and start matching with other dog lovers on Wowzer. Remember to make your profiles so you and your furry friend can start looking for love today.