Tips to Prepare Your Furry Friend for Fall

Fall has finally arrived in Seattle, bringing the familiar grey clouds and misty rain back to our city. The leaves are changing, the cider is brewing, and your favorite sweater has returned from exile in the back of your closet. We here at Wowzer know that the changing seasons is an event in Seattle, and we’ve put together some tips for getting you and your dog ready for the autumnal months. For dating, confidence is key, and looking good and feeling good will be sure to help improve both you and your canine companions’ relationship prospects. Follow these tips to prepare your furry friend for fall and be sure to impress your latest match.

Dog Grooming

Furry Friend for Fall

With the changing seasons, your pup may begin shedding their lighter summer coat in favor of their thicker winter fur. To avoid having your furry friend emit a cloud of dander like a doggy Pigpen, it’s important to keep your dog well-groomed. For a fun, fast, DIY grooming experience, take your pup to Rub-A-Dub Dog in Greenlake. This self-service dog grooming parlor offers tubs, combs, clippers and brushes as well as a friendly staff that will answer any questions you might have. While perhaps not your classic date spot, Rub-A-Dub Dog can also be a fun, non-traditional place to take a Wowzer match. For those with lots of demands on their time, DIY dog grooming might sound like more of a headache than a joy. For those busy people, City Paws in Capitol Hill offers a speedy, professional service that will have your dogs looking great in no time at all. 

Fashionable Raincoats

Furry Friend for Fall

Seattle is a wonderful city for dogs and their owners, but the smell of wet dog can be a constant bane during the wetter months. Long-haired breeds, like the Seattle favorite Siberian Husky, are in particular danger of the dreaded stench. To avoid, or at least minimize, the chances of your pooch getting soaked, we recommend the Vizpet brand. Vizpet Raincoats are lightweight enough that it won’t bother your best friend, sturdy enough to stand up to the Seattle weather, and they come with a built-in leash spot. Best of all, Vizpet coats offer a stylish reflective strip that will keep you and your pup safe from passing cars on dark and stormy nights. You can find them at your local pet store, or order from Amazon here.


Furry Friend for Fall

For humans, fall means a whole new wardrobe full of cozy sweatshirts, long socks and fuzzy hats. Why shouldn’t our best friends get in on the fun? A new collar and leash for your pooch is also a great way to accessorize for a meet up with a Wowzer match. Your favorite leash may have seen you through several summertime adventures, but it may also be showing its age. We recommend heading to Petapoluza in Fremont for their wide selection, commitment to natural products and a great name. One of our favorite brands carried by Petapoluza is Ruffwear, which is both stylish and durable enough for an active lifestyle.

Indoor Parks

Furry Friend for Fall

What good is a brand new look if nobody’s around to see it? While Seattle’s dog parks are usually pretty well populated during the summer, it can be hard to find a place for your dog to socialize once the rainy days start. Never fear! The Emerald City offers several indoor dog parks where you can let your pup off their leash, even when the weather turns nasty. One of our favorites is the House of Ruff, located in the Central District. House of Ruff offers an expansive playspace for your furry companions to meet new friends. Best of all is the Ruff lounge, where you and a Wowzer match can kick back with a beer or cider while your pups play. If you find yourself on the north side of town, you can find Dogwood Play Park in Lake City. Dogwood also offers a bar for chatting while the dogs exhaust themselves, while also having an outdoor area if the sun finally makes an appearance.

Now that you’re looking good and ready for the fall, be sure to upload a fresh new picture to your Wowzer profile. With all the new singles joining soon in October, you’re sure to find a perfect match by Halloween.