Seattle Spots Perfect for a Dog-Friendly First Date Drink

First dates are no one’s favorite activity. Sure, there’s always a rush of excitement in meeting up with a near-stranger and crossing your fingers that a genuine connection crops up. But, chances are, you’re also probably mentally preparing yourself for something that falls more on the passable-to-excruciating spectrum. Anyone who’s racked-up a few first dates knows: it’s not pessimism, just healthy realism.

Clearly the goal is to have an easy-going, nice time (that’s the point here, people!). But not all digital chemistry translates into in-person chemistry, and not all first dates go smoothly, be it awkwardness or nerves, even when genuine interest is there.

But never fear! You have TOOLS to prepare for success! Or at least a much more pleasant time if things start turning south, or just need a little hand to get back on track.

Our tried-and-true recipe for success? It’s simple:

Step 1: Bring dog

Step 2: Attend dog-friendly location

Step 3: Imbibe responsibility at said-location

There you have it. Conversation slowing to an awkward crawl? Hey, look at these cute dogs we can focus on! Nervous you’re not totally on top of your game tonight? Take a quick pause, a long sip, and grab a confidence boost from that all-worshipping gaze from your best, four-legged compatriot, and you’ll be right back on your feet.

It’s a hot one this summer, so dog-friendly patios are in abundance. We’ve done some of the legwork for you in Wowzer’s hometown, Seattle, and picked some of our favorite spots for a dog-friendly first date.

Great Spots for the Beer Crowd


Stoup Brewing – Ballard

Stoup Brewing, tucked in the Ballard brewing district, has been serving up some of the best beer Seattle has to offer since 2013. And the taproom itself stands up to such delicious beer, giving you the perfect setting to enjoy it in: a large indoor area opens its garage doors to welcome daily food trucks, while the outside patio offers a second bar and laid-back Ballard crowds enjoying the sun. Its other headlining feature? There are always loads of dogs there.

Chuck’s Hop Shop – Central District

Chuck’s is truly, as advertised, the land of a thousand beers. And a must-go for any Seattle beer geek. Or anyone with taste buds and a heart open to beer, really. Food trucks, two locations, and an absolutely insane tap list and bottle selection– how could this get better, you ask? Being super dog-friendly, that’s how. All good boys allowed. At the Central District location, you might even be able to have your pups added to the polaroid board of happy Chuck’s attendees, pictured above.

Wining & Dining More Your Thing?


Bottlehouse – Madrona

If wine is your beverage of choice for the evening, you couldn’t snag a more romantic, charming spot for date & pup than Madrona’s Bottlehouse. Set in a lovely craftsman home, complete with wrap-around porch and backyard, the restaurant and wine-spot-extraordinaire allows well-behaved pups in all of their outdoor seating areas. And you might even meet Kevin! That’s the little cutie above; he’s kind of a regular.

Vif – Fremont

The lovely Vif on Fremont Ave is a sure-fire win for a casual dog-friendly first date lunch or happy hour that will have you feeling like a modern Parisian. Café, coffee shop, and wine bar in one, Vif provides no matter what your fix may be. Its outdoor patio is 100% pooch-approved and makes for the perfect place to lounge in the sun with a crisp rosé and some good company.

For a Stiff Drink with the Good Boys


Hazlewood – Ballard

Ballard’s Hazlewood loves to welcome your furry, non-drinking tagalongs and will impress your date with its witchy, stiff cocktails and dark-elegant vibe. You’ll often find multiple pooches lounging on the sunny, front patio while their owners indulge in an excellent drink nearby. If date #1 goes well enough for a few more rounds, leave the dogs at home and enjoy Hazlewood’s romantic upstairs lounge for a tucked-away, intimate feel.

Montana – Capitol Hill

Seattle is the home of grunge, after all, so why not take advantage of one of the many dog-friendly dives the city has to offer? Montana Bar in Capitol Hill doesn’t pull any punches, so grab yourself a pickleback and enjoy the no-nonsense vibes with your fellow Capitol Hill-ruffians. There’s outdoor seating looking out over Olive Way to boot for this hot summer season.

With the Wowzer app coming soon, it’s the perfect time to get your dog-friendly first date spots lined up. Happy imbibing!