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If you go on a lot of first dates, you likely have a ritual you like to do before heading out. Brush your teeth, shave, find your most stylish shoes and try to get your hair under[…]

We know that the bond between you and your dog is a special thing, no matter if you met your companion as a puppy or as an adult. The connection that can be formed with a rescue[…]

If you’re anything like us here at Wowzer HQ, then you love doing something special for your dogs, but sometimes worry about the ingredients present in the treats you give. While Seattle is stellar for all sorts[…]

We here at Wowzer adore Seattle with all of our dog-loving hearts, but even we have to admit that the fall drizzle can be a slog for both man and beast. Pumpkin spice lattes and cheap Halloween[…]

Halloween is terrifyingly close, and it’s time to get prepared. There are pumpkins to carve, candy to procure, and of course, the costume. We here at Wowzer know that Halloween is an excellent opportunity to dress for[…]

You’ve surely seen the telltale signs of something scary coming to Seattle. There’s a chill in the air, a hushed whisper in the coffee shops and bars, a shudder in the dog parks. Yes, it’s time for[…]

The end of summer in Seattle can be a grey affair. Not only does the weather turn to our misty standard, but it also seems that the frequency of events fades as well. Many of the fabulous[…]

Fall has finally arrived in Seattle, bringing the familiar grey clouds and misty rain back to our city. The leaves are changing, the cider is brewing, and your favorite sweater has returned from exile in the back[…]

As anyone who’s been woken up at the crack of dawn by a hungry dog can tell you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’re tired of the same first date dinner-and-drinks dance,[…]

Dog people are spoiled for choice when it comes to fun and outdoorsy options to go out and enjoy in Seattle. But the unfortunate reality of living on the Puget Sound is that the rain can ruin[…]