Best Places for Dog-Friendly Leafing Near Seattle

We here at Wowzer adore Seattle with all of our dog-loving hearts, but even we have to admit that the fall drizzle can be a slog for both man and beast. Pumpkin spice lattes and cheap Halloween candy can go a long way towards fighting off seasonal affective disorder, but the best cure is often getting out of the concrete jungle and back to nature. Seattle boasts an incredible amount of hiking and biking trails that are perfect for fall leafing. The fall colors will make a great topic of conversation for your latest Wowzer match, and your pup will relish the chance to do some quality frolicking. We’ve put together a list of some of the best places around the city to soak up the autumn hues so you can focus on more important things, like scratching your pup behind their ears.

Mount Si

For those that want to truly get out of the city and aren’t afraid of a little serious hiking, Mount Si is only an hour away. Load up your pup and head east on I-90 until you reach Snoqualmie, and take in the vibrant fall shades. Mount Si is one of the most popular hiking spots in the state for good reason. It offers a challenging but not overwhelming hiking experience, with some truly incredible views of Mt. Rainer as a reward. There’s also a romantic lunch spot that’s perfect for a small picnic. Mount Si is a great spot for an active couple, but be sure to take your pet’s physical fitness into account as well. The trail is almost eight miles round trip, so be sure to bring lots of water for your pup.

Discovery Park

No list of Seattle foliage would be complete without Magnolia’s Discovery Park, so if the phrases “get out of the city” and “serious hiking” make your metropolitan heart quake in fear, there’s no place better. Discovery Park offers a slew of beautiful trees and trails for a cozy and romantic fall walk. The park is notably great for extremely social dogs and owners, as there will be sure to be a bunch of curious pups for your furry friend to play with. Don’t be fooled by its popularity, however. Discovery Park’s prodigious size means that, with a little searching, you’ll be able to find a secluded spot for a romantic moment.

Westcrest Park

If your dog is the energetic type who just can’t wait to get off-leash, then Westcrest Park is the one for you. Located in the charming Highland Park neighborhood, Westcrest Park overlooks the Duwamish Waterway and Boeing Field and offers a dazzling array of autumn colors and views of the city center. Your companions will have plenty of space for playing and exploring. If your pup is either shy or a bit small to play unsupervised, don’t worry; Westcrest has a special enclosed area just for them.

Bloedel Reserve

If you feel as though your social media pictures haven’t been up to snuff this season, a great place to catch up with fabulous fall photos is the Bloedel Reserve. Located across the water on Bainbridge Island, make sure to get your best “King of the World” pic on the ferry over. Once you and your dog arrive at the Reserve, you’ll be treated to a huge, 150 acre complex with multiple gardens. For the best colors, we recommend the Birch Trail, but Bloedel boasts so many Instagramable pictures that both you and your Wowzer match will find a new profile pic.

Kubota Gardens

One of the most romantic spots in the city, especially done up in its best fall colors, the Kubota Gardens are a unique Seattle spot that don’t get the attention they deserve. Previously the private gardens of celebrated gardener Fujitaro Kubota, these gardens showcase the best of PNW foliage in a Japanese-style garden. An experience that you can only get in the Emerald City, this publicly owned park offers a calm and harmonious atmosphere that both your date and your dog will love. Be sure to read up on the history of the gardens beforehand, so you can regale your partner with the garden’s fascinating story.

Leafing can be a fun and romantic activity, but the leaves won’t stay this gorgeous forever. Make sure to download Wowzer today so you can get matching, and find someone to share the experience with.