5 Quick Halloween Costumes for You and Your Pet

Halloween is terrifyingly close, and it’s time to get prepared. There are pumpkins to carve, candy to procure, and of course, the costume. We here at Wowzer know that Halloween is an excellent opportunity to dress for romantic success, but understand that the stress of a modern, Seattle life can get in the way of designing a dynamite costume for you and your trusty pup. To rectify this situation, and be sure to get you in the costume that will wow everyone at the Halloween party, we’ve put together a list of some costumes that will be quick to put together and make you and your dog stars of Instagram the morning after.

John Wick and Pit Bull


Few recent pop culture figures are as big a dog lover as John Wick. The uber-cool action star, portrayed by the internet heartthrob Keanu Reeves, is one of the few recent non-superhero fictional characters that carved out a real niche in popular culture. While his Pit Bull companion does not receive a name in the film, he is faithfully portrayed by a good boy named Burton, who your furry friend can look to for inspiration. Luckily, dressing up as Mr. Wick is quite easy. All it takes is a dark suit, a couple of well-placed bandages on your face, and a look of grim determination. Getting your pup ready is only a matter of making them look assassin tough, or comically adorable. Either way works great!

Dorothy Gale and Toto


A classic. While you may have to fend off your fellow party-goers begging you to sing “Over the Rainbow”, dressing as Dorothy is an easy and respectable costume to pull together with short notice. Don’t feel bound by Judy Garland’s famous original, feel free to pick from any of the Dorothys from the litany of rewrites, remakes, and reboots that have produced a Dorothy for every style. The only essential equipment is a pair of red shoes and a dog who realizes they aren’t in Kansas anymore. Any additional Oz perefenilia you can scrounge up, such as a heart, brain or courage, will be sure to earn bonus points with your Wowzer match.

Elle Woods and Bruiser Woods


If you are one of the many California expats living in the Emerald City, or if you merely long to bring some SoCal charm to our grey shores, Elle Woods and trusty companion Bruiser are excellent characters to portray for Halloween. Pink is the central focus of this costume; the hotter, the better. Blonde hair or a blonde wig will also be essential, and complete the look with a pink collar for your partner. If you can scrounge up some scarf-adorned briefcase or some heavy law textbooks, you’ll be sure to be the toast of the party.

Wallace and Gromit


If you, like Wallace, are a bit scatterbrained and aren’t looking to put all that much effort into your Halloween costume, Wallace and Gromit are great choices. Wallace, the inventor from the Wallace and Gromit series of stop-motion animated movies, is not a very snappy dresser. You’ll need black pants, a white shirt, a red tie, and a green sweater vest to complete the ensemble— a good percentage of which you can probably find in your closet. Gromit, who your pup will be portraying, needs no special costume at all. Be sure to be on your guard though, you never know where the were-rabbit might show up!

Han Solo and Chewbacca


Han Solo has had more than thirty years in the public eye, so his iconic getup might not strike you as a quick Halloween costume. However, all you need to do to become the galaxy’s favorite scruffy-looking nerf herder is blue slacks, a white shirt, and a black vest. Trusty blaster is optional but encouraged. Your pooch will need an approximation of Chewie’s famous bandolier, but don’t stress; a black sash or scarf that your pup is comfortable in will do the job perfectly. Try to nail that Han Solo smirk, and you’ll find your Princess Leia in no time.

While any of the costumes here are surefire ways to impress a date, don’t be afraid to get creative! A clever twist on an already existing costume will surely impress your local dog lovers. Don’t forget to download the Wowzer app to meet all sorts of local dog people, and get matching today!