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The Year of the Dog 2018

If you celebrated the Chinese New Year this winter, or follow the Chinese zodiac, you probably know that 2018 rang-in the Year of the Dog.

Any dog lover knows that a strong sense of loyalty, enthusiastic companionship, and a whole lot of love and kindness are a dog’s bread-and-butter. And traditionally, the Year of the Dog helps us channel exactly that energy, encouraging us to be good to one another and take on new opportunities that bring love to ourselves and those around us.

It feels pretty dang lucky that we’re launching Wowzer in the Year of the Dog.

Wowzer is the fun way to make more meaningful connections. It’s the dating app for dog lovers.
If you’re a dog person, you’re probably looking for someone who gets it: gets why it takes 10 minutes longer at the store if there are lots of cute dogs there, gets why you keep putting away part of your paycheck to “adoption fees,” gets why you’re out on that walk, even though it’s pouring.

With Wowzer, that’s the only requirement. That you “get it.” Whether you have a dog, or don’t, but would love to be with someone who does (or wants one as much as you do), Wowzer is the place where you can connect on common ground.

Because being a “dog person” isn’t just about not minding dog hair and face kisses, it’s appreciating that unique, goofy love dogs give away in abundance. If you can really appreciate that, Wowzer is your place to find new connections.

Wowzer launches in Seattle in the fall of 2018.

Look out for summer 2018 events and new Wowzer content. Follow us to stay updated on our progress– chances are you might see some pretty cute dog pictures along the way.

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